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Success Studies of our Dealership Partners and their Customers Servicing Dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.

Actual Quote from Dealer #10267

“Exceptional customer service to us and the consumer. We use WarrantyOne vehicle service contracts, gap, enjoy the rewards program, and sell more service contracts with the VSCRiskFree. We highly recommend WarrantyOne, unless your …, the dealer across the street.”

“We broke down during vacation. Our 2004 Toyota Camry was towed, we received a rental and the transmission was replaced while we enjoyed our vacation. My family thanks you WarrantyOne.”

Dealer Customer Quote

“My 2006 Jeep Cherokee’s engine was replaced. They paid for the tow, engine replacement, my out of pocket expense was zero. 5 Star Service, thank you WarrantyOne.”

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Actual Quote from Dealer #11248

“We use to do business with several warranty companies that claimed they have the best products and services until we started using WarrantyOne F&I Products. Now we don’t have to negotiate to get paid or wait to see whats covered. Our customers are happy and we have more time to spend selling cars.”

“I totaled my vehicle, The dealer said since I purchased GAP protection my balance owed to my lender would be paid. They not only paid my balance owed I received $1,000 dollars to purchase another vehicle, which was a big help. Thanks WarrantyOne.”

Dealer Customer Quote

“WarrantyOne simply covers more parts on my 2007 Ford F-350. After researching other warranty companies, the choice was easy, I saved $1200 Dollars on the extended warranty cost and receive more vehicle coverage. Thumbs Up! “

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Actual Quote from Dealer #10127

“WarrantyOne is number One in my book. I have been in business for several years and have seen other companies over promise and under deliver, If you don’t take the time to experience first hand the difference WarrantyOne makes, you are missing something.”

“I purchased my vehicle and it broke down just 10 days later. WarrantyOne fixed my starter and it cost me nothing. I highly recommend WarrantyOne.”

Dealer Customer Quote

“I broke down miles from my home, WarrantyOne covered all my overnight expenses and fixed my car. I will make sure I only buy a WarrantyOne extended Warranty on my next car.”

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